Photo Gallery *NEW*

Here are some more photos that are available to see in the Railroad Museum, some of them are new and some were recently donated. We would like to thank everyone for all of there efforts to help us preserve an important piece of history.


First United Methodist Church

This is a photo of the Methodist Church before the

front steps were replaced.

Old Fire Extinguisher

This is one of the many items that were found in Gilley's


The wall paper that was in the lobby of the hotel.

This wall paper is one of 5 layers that was found on the walls in the lobby of the old hotel. The lighter area near the middle is believed to be the outline of a clock that hung in the lobby. The wall paper there is the same color as when it was first placed there.

Mr. Slemons wagon

This shows an early delivery wagon that was used the side

of the wagon has Rogersville Junction which was one of the earlier names of Bulls Gap, Tennessee.

Jack Sr.

White apartment building.

This is the Gilley Apartment building that was also donated to the Railroad Association.

Peanut Special by John Burkhart

This painting of the "Peanut Special" was don by John Burkhart. It also shows Gilley's Hotel.

Train Trip

This is a bible school class that went on a train trip.

Many of these children still live in Bulls Gap today.

Do you recognize anyone? We don't know who they all

are if you could let us know please drop us a line.


They were owners of the hotel before it was purchased by Mr. Gilley.

Old Bulls Gap Firehall

In the background is the old firehall in Bulls Gap.

Southern Railroad Shop Crew

This photo was taken at the Coster Shop in Knoxville, Tennessee

Stewart Funeral Home

This is a photo of Stewart Funeral Home located across from the Bank in Bulls Gap.

Homer Stewart

They were getting ready to ride in a parade.

I'm glad that it all it was.

The Sand's Store

This was the delivery vehicle of the Sand's store which was a railroad commissary it is still standing today next to the old hotel in downtown. It is now owned by the York Quillen family.

Patsy Jenkins

Patsy is sitting in the yard next to the Methodist Church

on the hill in downtown Bulls Gap.

U.S. Geological Survey Marker

This marker was placed in the brick of Gilley's hotel

and is still there today.

Made from wood of the old hotel.

This picture fram was made by C.L. Weaver from wood

that was in Gilley's Hotel. If anyone is interested please

contact us and we will give you the information needed to acquire this piece of local history.


We are not 100% certain who this woman is in the photo.

We believe her to be one of the preachers wives, if you know her please let us know so that we can put her name with her photograph.


Waymon Harrell and his grandson Jesse stopped by one day and ended up helping us to uncover the steps that led to the movie theatre and to Doc Justis' office.


Jesse was honered as volunteer of the month for his hard work in helping to excavate the steps. When we wanted to stop and rest he would tell us that we didn't have time and that we needed to get back to work.

The steps once uncovered.

These lead to the old movie theatre and the old doctor's office.

Cleanup day!

As you can imagine we had alot of old beds to move out

of the old hotel. We kept the frames but the bedding

could not be saved.


This is another view of the setps leading down the side of the building after it was uncovered.

Finally we get a rest.

Thanks to everyone that helped on the clean-up days.

There were alot of you and without your help we couldn't have gotten the job done.

Digging Deep

The other Jesse of our group is working to uncover the steps.

Over there.

Charlie and Dub discuss where the fish pond used to be.

Watch Waymon go.

Working hard

Both Jesse's are taking a turn at digging out the steps.

Sharon is supervising. This job took around 4 or 5 days to complete.


Engine #4507

Merle Jeffers graduating class

Old Depot benches

These benches came from the Morristown Depot and were donated to the Bulls Gap Museum from a local church.