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These photos are just a few of the many that are located in the Bulls Gap Railroad Museum. We would like to thank all of the people who have donated these items without their support a great piece of history would be lost forever.


All Aboard!!!!

This conductor is waiting for you to come aboard. He can be seen at the museum.

Overton at work.

This photo was taken at the Coster Shop in Knoxville, Tenn.

Knoxville Depot

This is a postcard of the Knoxvile depot.

Train wreck.

This is a train wreck at Mohawk, Tenn. in 1909.


This was taken during the railroad strike in Buls Gap, Tenn.

Bulls Gap Depot

This is the Bulls Gap Depot before in was torn down by the railroad.

Scenes from Bulls Gap

This is a photo of different railroad related structures around town some of them no longer exist.

Caroline Scruggs

Caroline worked in the dining room of the hotel for years.


This shows the roundhouse at Bulls Gap, Tenn.


This is an overview of the roundhouse at Bulls Gap, Tenn.

Smith Hotel 1906

This is a photo from a birthday party at the Smith Hotel around 1906.

Bulls Gap before 11-E was built.

This shows the town before 11-E was built. You can see the old school building that sits near the current location of the Bulls Gap Bank.

John Burkhart

John worked on the railroad for many years, he is also a well known artist. He has many paintings that depict the town the way it used to be.


This is one of the many items located in the Bulls Gap Railroad Museum.

Pete Shipley, Jeanette Edens and Bill Haskins

Thank you for the donation that was made to the Bulls Gap Railroad Museum Association.

Ruby Gilley

From left to right Chester Haskins, Sarah Haskins, Ruby Gilley, Bill Grigsby, Evelynn Grigsby, and Bill Haskins.

Local Railroad workers.